First Post – Where to Get Some Real Information


The current state of news reporting is a major disappointment, to say the least. Whether watching CNN or Fox News, a clear bias can be seen. It becomes difficult, therefore, to determine where an appropriate outlet for information can be found. As a student of politics and an average joe who happens to be interested in knowing what is happening around the world, I have discovered that there is hope. First and foremost, Al Jazeera is probably as good as it gets when it comes to the major news outlets. This is a fairly unbiased source that reports on a vast expanse of issues. In second place, I would choose the New York Times. Newspapers are outdated, but many of them are certainly more reliable than television networks. The New York Times draws from many different writers and opinions, which creates a balance that is healthy for fostering conversation. The last outlet I would point to is the guardian. This is source that truly favors fair and impartial reporting. Similar to some of its counterparts, its includes some pop culture in its news, but it manages to put significant issues first. Some honorable mentions go to the little guys such as satirical news outlets such as the Daily Show and the BBC, which is another large yet fairly reliable source. These are the sources I trust as an academic and informed individual and therefore, I hope that these are useful sources for you, also.


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