Why Elizabeth Warren is a Better Candidate than Hillary Clinton

If you could not already conclude from the title of this article, UnpopularPolitics believes that Elizabeth Warren is undoubtedly a better choice for the 2016 presidential nomination than Hillary Clinton.


While Hillary Clinton definitely has the credentials and the experience, her principles are not nearly as defined as Warren’s. Most everyone who is versed in current American politics is aware that Warren is the face of the opposition to Wall Street. Meanwhile, Clinton is one of the most prominent, if not the most prominent figure in the Democratic Party. Despite this, Clinton does not represent the true interests of the American public that the Democratic Party alleges they serve. In regards to big business, Clinton will not demonstrate the willpower to regulate as would Warren. While Warren was a professor of law, specializing in bankruptcy and middle class finance law, Clinton was serving on the board of directors for Wal-Mart along with several other corporations. In regards to having a firm stance, Warren displays a superior amount of confidence in her position as opposed to Clinton. Warren’s position as a politician has only served to advance her agenda of protecting the middle class as evident by the application of her education in the role as Special Advisor to the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau. History demonstrates, on the other hand, that Clinton is likely to change her position on various matters in accordance to public opinion. For example, during the early stages of the Syrian Civil War, she insisted that the Assad regime propose reforms. When public opinion turned against the regime, however, she went so far as to propose that the United States train and arm Syrian rebel groups (which we know was not a good idea thanks to ISIS). These differences provide some evidence for the rationale that Warren better serves the interests of the American public.

In addressing the differences between these two politicians, it is significant to note their similarities and why they have been so successful. These two were both the first female senators of their respective states, Warren for Massachusetts and Clinton for New York. Therefore, it would not be far from the truth to say that they are pioneers in their profession. It also comes without saying that these two individuals are strong advocates for women’s rights within the United States and abroad. Secondly, they are both active under the Obama Administration. As Secretary of the State, she oversaw the response to the Arab Spring, another round of Palestinian/Israeli conflicts, and represented the nation while visiting abroad. Warren was named Assistant to the President by Obama and was tasked with helping establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

In conclusion, Warren and Clinton are both capable candidates for the Presidential nomination. Given the hard facts, however, Warren demonstrates qualities and beliefs that suggest she would be a better leader for the United States.


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